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Launching an active job search means highlighting professional skills I have which add value to prospective employers.

I have delivered original communication skills trainings like the career milestone featured in the short video below.  Here I am speaking with my peers at the Communication Directors Institute at the National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference.
Topic: The Language of Remarkable Service

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Job Search. Fueled by… (a little humor)

The video below kicks off my exhilarating job hunt adventure with a little humor, courtesy of Eight O’Clock Coffee.  Whether you are a colleague, business professional, hiring manager, employee, head hunter, friend, fan, or student, I am sure you will relate.

Today’s post officially acknowledges the time and effort spent this past year to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree (a B.S. in Business Administration, with a Marketing Concentration).   Just a few more days until my actual diploma arrives and a life-long education dream becomes reality!  Enjoy this video below.

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Blow up your Farm (in a good way!)

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Meetups are the most “fertile farms” around!

More and more Realtors I know are having epic problems with their tried and true farming efforts.  The recurring problem is smaller and smaller “crops” every year.    Want to create new, super-fertile farms?  Use and it will blow up your farm (and I mean that in the best way possible)!

The value proposition is simple.  You’ll find it in big letters at the top of their home page:  “Do something.  Learn something. Share something. Change something.”  These four actions are at the very core of how to meet and bond with new people that will become a fresh new infusion into your social and business sphere.

Below is a screenshot of what the site looks like.  At the very top-left, you will see two red buttons:  Find a Meetup and Start a Meetup.

Find a Meetup, Start a Meetup

Find a Meetup, Start a Meetup

The four windowpanes above are rotating photos from Meetups all across the country.  You can see the Cascade CSS (Tech) Meetup in the Bay Area, a Meetup in New York for practicing your German language skills, Gaming events in Colorado Springs area, and the Puget Sound Sailing Meetup Group in Seattle, Washington.  That’s a pretty broad representation of what you’ll find on this site.

I believe that has something for everyone, so let’s take a deeper dive.  Look above one more time, on the right side and you’ll find a box to Find a Meetup Group near you.  Go ahead and see what happens when you type in a topic or interest, and your zip code. Below you see my results:  two great groups 10-12 miles away from me.

"Moms" Search Results

“Moms” Search Results

Wow! You can see the San Diego Surfing Moms have 95 members.  They meet weekly for surfing and socializing, with built in shared childcare while they hit the waves.  Join the one below Surfing Moms and you’ll find yourself among 60 other self-proclaimed “Fun and Fabulous Moms” who do all kinds of fun activities listed in their description above.  I already love their enthusiasm and group energy!

Are you passionate about causes, but feeling lost about where to start?  I joined my favorite Meetup group because of the group title:  “DoGooders who Drink.”  Their mission is best shown right on their group page, below.

DoGooders Who Drink

DoGooders Who Drink

Fellow “DoGooders” include over 500 members.  This group is very diverse.  All ages, all professions.  A nice-sized number of us gather a couple times a month for lunch, brunch, or happy hour, and we include simple tasks like everyone bringing five stamped postcards to write and mail to U.S. servicemen and servicewomen stationed overseas.  (Shhhh! They’ll never know we have cocktails in hand while we write, unless we tell them.) This month the DoGooders are collecting simple care items and making “Welcome Kits” for families staying with children at San Diego’s Ronald McDonald house.

Do you have a pet?  Check this out, below.

Corgi and Yorkie Meetups

Corgi and Yorkie Meetups

Some of the most active Meetups involve our beloved family pets.   Above are Corgi owner and Yorkie owner Meetup groups that have over 600 and 700 members, each.  The Corgi group description reads, “Imagine 50 stubby Corgis frolicking at the park or running through the surf.  Now imagine their owners laughing and discussing what makes them similar and what makes them separate personalities.  That’s what this Meetup is all about.”  (Note: I am actually in the Yorkie Meetup group picture, just above.  I am the person with the tiny cobalt blue jacket near the far left.)

Whether you are in a major metropolitan area, or a small city like Spokane, WA where I recently lived (I was the Communications Director at the Spokane Association of Realtors), you will find Meetups to build your contact sphere naturally with interests you share with others.

Below is the results page after I searched “Sports” and a Spokane zip code.  You’ll see two outing and adventure excursion Meetup groups for Spokane County and Kootenai County residents with over 1,000 members between them!  Look to the right and you’ll see exciting Jet Boat trips on the Snake River, and Volleyball events coming up in the next few weeks.

Spokane WA Meetups

Spokane WA Meetups

Want to know about what’s trending on Meetup?  Just click “Find a Meetup” at the top and type in your zip code.

Here are my results, below.  You can see that I have four great choices… Hiking, wine-tasting, meeting some exceptional entrepreneurs, or talking personal finance.

Trending Meetups

Trending Meetups

(Tip:  Type in “Social Media” and you might just find a local meetup filled with approachable, affordable talent for SEO, CSS, WordPress, etc.)

Just above in the light blue box, you can see that there are 970 Meetup groups near me in my town of Carlsbad, CA.

Look again, near the bottom. Did someone say “Poker?”  Can you see “Encinitas Guys Poker Night” at Robby’s in the picture? Farming can be a whole new and energized experience on Meetup, so go ahead and blow up your farm — in a good way! You know how to do that now, using

* * *

Janet White is a skilled communications and social media director in the real estate industry.  She is passionate about helping Realtors succeed in their business and hopes to join a company in the Greater San Diego real estate community.  Follow this blog at, or view her experience on LinkedIn:

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Engaging Past Clients: Social Strategy and 25 Content Ideas to Clarify Your Focus

My husband I bought a house earlier this year. How did we pick our REALTOR? I’ll tell you more in a moment, but I was one of those “revered” past clients you love to have come back, years later.

Now that you’re thinking about the special reward of hearing from a past client ready to buy or sell (or both!) once again, think about how many families you have helped in your career.  Have you talked to each of them this past month? Do you have a completely current past client database including phone, email, employment, spouse, children, pets, hobbies, vacations, and notes about past conversations? Sound like a lot of work?

This is EXACTLY what Facebook lists can accomplish for you. You are going to love this! I recommend if you haven’t done so, use Facebook Search to see if ALL your past clients are on Facebook, and add them to a list. (Call it Past Clients.)  Let them hear from you frequently. Weekly is excellent! Treat them like a community. Engage. Share. Be their expert about their neighborhood, about timely home safety and maintenance, and share the victories that set the tone for a successful closing for each of them.  Every client is a success story, so tell the story (omit private or personal details of course), but give them some “fan love” and be sure to tag them.  Keep up with their FB details and engage with them on their page too.

Believe it or not, Marc Prestera, the REALTOR who sold my home eight years ago, has been in regular contact with me, when I left California for the Pacific Northwest. He called me regularly, every month or so, keeping up on my life, and sharing what was new in his business, as well as the shared interest (a volunteer organization) where I met him in the beginning.

I never intended to move back to San Diego when I left, but life has a funny way of coming full circle. Since I had a great selling experience and a regular easy rapport with Marc, it was the most natural decision to once again ask him to be the real estate expert that he is, for my newest home.

If you like the sound of that, here are some ideas to keep engaged with past clients over time.  These work as Facebook posts or Twitter tweets.  (NOTE: you are FORBIDDEN to ask them who else they know that might like to buy or sell a house.)

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving (Christmas, New Years) memory in your home?

2. Who has a unique holiday family tradition?

3. What do your kids enjoy most about your home?

4. What was the first room you decorated when you moved in?

5. What home improvements are you enjoying?

6. Have you become a fan of @HouseLogic?  Did you know has a lifetime homeowner binder to record maintenance, upgrades, and seasonal care?

7.  What’s your home’s best feature?

8. What’s your favorite spot in your neighborhood?

9. What surprised you the most (in a good way) after moving in to your new home?

10. What do you like most about Halloween?

11. Post a pic and tell us about your family pet.

12. What is your favorite Costco item, and why?

13. What is your favorite Trader Joes item, and why?

14. Who was your first (or most recent, or longest-known) Facebook friend.  What makes them special to you?

15. Have your kids earned any special awards lately?

16. Who was your childhood hero? Why?

17. What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

18. Do you dream about starting a business someday?

19. Who has a teen that wants odd jobs? Who needs help on a weekend project?

20. What is your favorite worthy charitable organization, and how can people volunteer?

21. What famous people have you met in person?

22. Is there anything you are wondering about that I can direct you to, or information I can track down for you?

23. What advice would you give to home buyers today, based on your personal experience?

24. What advice would you give home sellers today, based on your personal experience?

25. Did you know I have a client reference tab right here on my FB page? Would you care to comment there?

With all the focus on converting new Facebook fans into clients, I recommend you make the effort to engage clients for the long-term, and a lifetime of many happy “returns.”

Comment below and share engagement questions that you can add to the list I’ve started here. And remember the childhood rhyme: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.”


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Can you pass the “Concierge” test?

“Mouth watering chocolate chip cookies! 
~ My pleasure! “


Recently I was traveling, and I was staying at a familiar business-class hotel. Each afternoon, the hotel baker brought a large, irresistible tray of freshly baked cookies like these to the concierge desk.

When I returned to the lobby at the end of my workday, I walked up and selected a cookie. As I did, I made the comment that I had been looking forward to this special treat all day.  What happened next really surprised me. 

The concierge just glanced up, gave me a cursory nod and a brisk “no problem,” and then his eyes reverted back to his computer screen. 


All that effort by the company into baking fresh cookies, and the goodwill was gone in an instant. This concierge was unconscious, and THAT was a problem. 

Are you unconscious in your communication with clients? 

I would like to propose an alternate ending to this story.  The concierge glances up, hears my comment, smiles and says, “My pleasure. Enjoy!”

I am on a personal mission to wipe out the phrase ‘no problem’ from the service industry. 

Everyone can try this: Look in the mirror and say “problem.”
Now, look in the mirror and say “pleasure.”
Which one makes you smile?

If there is no problem, don’t bring one up.

Just smile, and be sure to say, “My pleasure!”


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