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A rich history: Under all is the land.

What do these icons all share in common? 

Bing Crosby.
Mother’s Day.
Richard Nixon.
1974 Worlds Fair.

Watch a short preview of the video unveiled Sept. 20, 2011 by The Spokane Association of REALTORS at their 100-year Centennial Celebration.

Visit to learn more. 
(The full DVD is available for purchase.)

Bravo to all the dedicated Spokane REALTORS I have known, worked with, and proudly admire.  I see this DVD as a wonderful closing gift for the next 100 years.


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50 Facebook timeline covers – examples and best practices

Let’s get this party started! 

I am so excited about Facebook Timeline covers! 

Allow me to highlight an early showcase of 50 Timeline Examples and Best Practices posted up by the geniuses at last Sunday.  Below are two of the 50 that you can preview for your inspiration.    
(Click photo to enlarge it.)

Meet Justin.

Meet Justin.  He’s a REALTOR.  Do you think you’d want to talk with him?  How easy do you think it would be to start a conversation with him?  Would this compel you to learn more and perhaps browse his profile to find where his business page, web site or blog are?

Here’s another one.  Meet Ken.  He’s a REALTOR too. 

Meet Ken.

Visually, these examples just incinerate those pompous “About Me” REALTOR bio’s and allow you to start the conversation from a more natural place.  Need I say more? 

Click here for the original story and all 50 compelling timeline examples. 
What images make an impact about who you are? 

Have these got you thinking?


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Brand Central

Life is good here in San Diego, and it’s time to upgrade my brand experience and create a Brand Central — a new, permanent blog, and a new Facebook Page too. 

My hope is to encourage you to share your social impressions in our connected world.  One thing I know for certain is that this is the decade of interaction and connection.  More companies every day are raising their level of interaction and connection with clients, friends and supporters through social media channels.  Words like viral, global, and community are the places our thoughts now mingle with others and come alive.    

Do me this favor… Please GO and LIKE my new Facebook Biz Page.  And please comment below if the social impressions you are making have brought miracles your way, allowing you to do business in entirely new ways.