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Life is good here in San Diego, and it’s time to upgrade my brand experience and create a Brand Central — a new, permanent blog, and a new Facebook Page too. 

My hope is to encourage you to share your social impressions in our connected world.  One thing I know for certain is that this is the decade of interaction and connection.  More companies every day are raising their level of interaction and connection with clients, friends and supporters through social media channels.  Words like viral, global, and community are the places our thoughts now mingle with others and come alive.    

Do me this favor… Please GO and LIKE my new Facebook Biz Page.  And please comment below if the social impressions you are making have brought miracles your way, allowing you to do business in entirely new ways.

2 thoughts on “Brand Central

  1. Steve Blunier

    Hi Janet,

    We’ve never met yet we are doing IMSD together. Through that, we are following each other on Twitter where you introduced me to your Facebook page and now your blog. The beauty of social media is that it is making our world feel just a little bit smaller and maybe a little more managable.

    I loved your post on Facebook Timeline and ironically, I just customized mine yesterday! Feel free to check in with us in Albuquerque at!

    Steve Blunier

  2. Janet- The world of social media has transformed the way I manage our marketing. Or perhaps I should say that we have transformed our marketing around social media. It is an entirely different way of connecting with customers. Some clients don’t engage in SM, and so we certainly haven’t stopped marketing using our traditional methods. It’s just added a depth to our efforts that we didn’t have previously.

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